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On Resistance

March 5, 2010

Culture has been an important theme throughout this course. In our class on Tuesday, March 2nd, we explored the ways in which art did not simply provide the backdrop for resistance, but was resistance unto itself and energized social movement politics. In light of this discussion, we had a creative exercise in the art of resistance.

A potluck poem is a poem in which, each member of a group of people contribute a line to collectively create a piece. Given the theme of resistance, students each contributed a line to create a group poem.

Here one of our students, Chris Roberts, and Dr. Collins lead the work. The class was able to participate as a whole as we all repeated the chorus: “Resistance”.

If we were to do it over again, I would definitely adjust the placement of my computer’s built in camera to keep our lead performers in view. Nevertheless, we had a great time.

On Resistance

I refuse to let you fool me, you won’t win

This isn’t a game—this is survival

Taking a risk,

Through words,

Thoughts and emotions.


Lost in a sea of the nameless

Full of treasures a riches yet, untapped.

Pushing gently, but continually I am held up by the masses

In my eyes, I see


What have I heard today?

Thought of contemporary consciousness cross my mind

The neglect of certain female activists,

Their silences.

Their messages lost in an abyss of ignorance

By these ropes I’m bound?

Aint no one gonna hold me down!


Broke free of the physical chains,

Now my mind is in danger of captivity.

Black against black fists show cowards

All coming together to fight for a common goal.

Coalition building call all work

As a source of identity.


The actions that I take in my daily life

I have to think about resistance or acceptance.

I stay positive

I stay proud and I stay free.


My resistance is evident through my persistence,

increasingly new ways of living and enacting them.


Resistance never fails to create havoc.

Day to day the wind shall blow the wall and the

Water will smooth the sand

The man will punch the building

And we will all be free

For the wall will one day be smooth

The beach a seabed

The building rubble

And we will all be free

Day to day…

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